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winieta-logo 1911
It's one of the most iconic American semi-automatic handguns of caliber .45 ACP derived from the construction designed by J. Browning
winieta-logo Sig226
United States Navy SEALs accepted this handgun in the competition for official US Army handgun. Platinum Elite version was produced

winieta-logo HK USP
To the order of special US Navy units (US Navy SEAL) in German Heckler & Koch Company in 1991 was constructed Mk 23 SOCOM handgun

winieta-logo Remington870
Repeating shotgun M 870 is the most commonly used combat weapon supporting military formations.

winieta-logo Winchester SX3-ver2
SX3 is a version of semi-automatic shotgun, which reached a lot of world records; the last of them gave SX3 title of The fastest shotgun

Sig516Mark logo new
The most extended and refined our project is SIG 516 rifle made by Sig Sauer Company. Presented version was at first produced only 

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