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Sig Tacops
Successful handgun designs constantly develop. This is for a variety of reasons, result mainly from technological impulses
and pressures, enhanced by constantly changing mission requirements of end users. The P226 TACOPS breaks down into four large pieces easy to disassemble even in combat situation. Its simplicity and quality of construction is a major reason behind its reliability. There are other charactarestics to the TACOPS that furthermore characterize it from the crowd. The polymer 1-piece magwell grip is formed in a way to blend with a 20-round magazine when inserted.

The TACOPS comes with four of these 20-round magazines as standard equipment. Other TACOPS features include front cocking serrations, black hard-coat anodized aluminum frame, stainless slide, TRUGLO Tritium fiber optic front sight mated to SIGLITE rear and the SIG Short Reset Trigger (SRT). The P226 TACOPS is pure SIG DA/SA design. The SRT is a great enhancement, generating one of shortest trigger resets on the market. The P226 TACOPS? modified profile, such as the extended beavertail and modified grips wrapped around high capacity 20-round magazines, makes it ideal for duty as a nightstand handgun, open carry or for tactical response LE teams or special military units. 

The P226 TACOPS is almost 5? long with a cold-hammer-forged barrel and SRT DA/SA trigger, combined with near perfect lock-up in the stainless steel slide/barrel interface, guarantee maximum reliability and accuracy. The fixed sights on the P226 TACOPS are 3-dot type, featuring tritium inserts with a twist. A force is placed on a quick handling, accurate handgun such as the TACOPS, with multiple rounds fired in quick succession being the norm in putting a target down. The P226 TACOPS impressively handled all brands, bullet types and weights of ammo with a mastery.

The full-size grip frame and overall balance of the TACOPS made felt recoil negligible. The slide moved so smoothly, it seemed to reciprocate on ball bearings. Significantly, no malfunctions were experienced while test firing over 500 rounds. Sub-2? groups at 25 yards is a standard. The key point with the SIG P226 TACOPS, is it?s extremely adaptable to individual, department or unit needs, unrestricted missions. Everything from the homeowner with a light/laser combo, to an elite military team with night vision and infrared target designator and suppressor mounted will find the SIG P226 TACOPS a handgun worthy of attention.
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