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Benelli Raffaello
CrioComfort is the ultimate expression of Benelli technology, and one of the most exclusive and advanced semiautomatic shotgun
It is quite difficult to add something more in superlative way than Benelli marketing department, but most of the information their provided is really true. You can find the shortest possible summary of this super good looking shotgun below. Our summary is as usual short and direct without sweetened marketing at the end of this description.

Elegant and beautiful, the CrioComfort is also packed with advanced technical solutions to satisfy all possible user needs. The CrioComfort incorporates Benelli?s Comfortech System and boasts a cryogenically treated barrel and carbon fibre rib.

Its geometry is designed to contain and absorb the firing impact before it reaches the shooter?s shoulder, offering comfort. The material used in stock is Technogel, a special gel developed for Benelli, the result of advanced research from industrial sectors. The result is a lightweight and well balanced gun that is manageable and quick on the shoulder.

Benelli is the first firearms manufacturer to apply industrial cryogenic treatments to small arms barrels and chokes in order to enhance ballistic performance. The cost and complexity of cryogenic treatments have limited applications to high-tech industries like aerospace. The elements of the Crio System is the Crio barrel and chokes.

Cryogenically treated steel expands very little under the effects of heat and pressure. This allows Crio barrels to vibrate and expand uniformly on firing. The pattern obtained using a Crio barrel and choke is better distributed and pattern centres do not shift all to the benefit of accurate shooting. Cryogenic treatment also extends barrel life by improving resistance to wear and attack by combustion residues. Benelli?s Crio System gives shot patterns that are considerably denser and better distributed towards the centre and at the edges.

In summary we have super good looking shotgun packed in very nice case all together. It so nice and shiny that even making the pictures of it was difficult for us. Each time we wanted to move the shotgun with our barehands we left some fingerprints on the shiny details. So each our new photo session pushed us to use silk gloves to touch gently this shotgun. As a Warriors we not used to be so careful with our guns, of course cleaning and lubricating this is the only standard in our live but shining the details with gentle seems to be too much for us in everyday live.

We were wondering what is better to put this shotgun to the safe with other military accessories or to put in on the wall because it is so shiny effective that can put a smile on our face every morning. Shooting with this gun is a super experience but we were so afraid after the shooting to don?t scratch anything on this gun that the training session was quite a stressful experience at all. We are sure, this is really beautiful piece of crio metal details connected together in one state of the art gun. You can put it on the wall, you can clean it with silky gloves you can even shoot with this sometimes. But it is better to don't take it to the combat shooting or other fast action trainings on the desert sand because you will loose all these shiny beauty and magnificent glory in a second.

Chamber: 76 magnum
Weight: 3,000 g. approx. with 28" barrel
Magazine: 3 rounds of 12/76, 4 rounds of 12/70; 2 round with plug
Safety: Trasversal amidextrous
Trigger: Removable trigger unit release force from 22 to 28 N
Sight: Red fibre optic high-sight

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