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Sig Sauer P365 SAS is another edition to their P365 line of micro-compact CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) pistols. If you?ve ever wanted to pocket carry the P365, then the SAS

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Kel-­Tec PMR-30 is a semiauto pistol that reliably chambers .22 Magnum and feeds from a 30-­round, double-­stack magazine. Kel-­Tec describes the pistol's operation as "hybrid blowback."

Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Legion

Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion is the newest member of the Legion family and it well deserves it place. From design to function the X5 brings to the table everything we have come to expect

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The Thompson submachine gun is an American firearm invented by General John T. Thompson in 1918 which became famous during the Prohibition era, being a signature weapon 

Sig XFive Allround main
X-Line is a popular pistol established top position in many sporting disciplines and stainless steel framed handguns are state of the art on the market. There is only one question can we use it in combat?

Keltec KSG main 1
The look, design, feel, and features make the Kel-Tec KSG a very unique firearm.  The KSG is the redefinition of a self-defence shotgun and is purpose made for CQB and more tactical situations.

SigMCX main
The SIG MCX rifle is the most interesting evolution of a submachine gun but with the familiarity of manipulation and control of an AR-15. SIG Sauer has been a strong presence in the law enforcement

SIgMPX main
The overall appearance of the MPX might seem familiar. That?s because it was designed in similar way to the most popular firearms platform in the world. Just about every law enforcement or military organization

Remington 870 Express Tactical
There is the most recognisable shotgun on the market and we are sure this is the top tactical version around. Remington is clearly one of the biggest name shotgun manufacturers around the World. 

Benelli Raffaello
CrioComfort is the ultimate expression of Benelli technology, and one of the most exclusive and advanced semiautomatic shotgun. It is quite difficult to add something more in superlative way than Benelli marketing

Sig Tacops
Successful handgun designs constantly develop. This is for a variety of reasons, result mainly from technological impulses and pressures, enhanced by constantly changing mission requirements of end users.

Barrett REC 7 Gen II Black Warrior is a version designed by us, regarded as the most improved rifle of AR-15 type. Barrett rifles are known for their high quality, finely made elements and impressive appearance.

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