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Sig Sauer P365 SAS is another edition to their P365 line of micro-compact CCW (carrying a concealed weapon). 

If you've ever wanted to pocket carry the P365, then the SAS model is perfect for you. SAS stands for Sig Anti-Snag System. Effectively, everything about the P365 has been slimmed down, streamlined, and made so that nothing on the gun can catch on anything. This won?t make much difference if you draw from a holster, but it makes a huge difference if you draw from any kind of pocket.

It also has two major changes, a ported barrel to reduce the snap of the gun, and brand new flush-mounted FT Bullseye Fiber-Tritium Night Sights. One honest complaint about standard P365 is that it can be a snappy gun. This is really something that basically all micro- and sub-compact pistols have. The SAS version of the P365 helps solve that with a ported barrel and it really does make a difference. If you are looking to carry +P ammo in your P365 SAS, then the ported barrel will be a huge improvement for you.

Keep in mind that the whole P365 series of pistols are designed to be a self-defense gun, not a sport pistol. When you?re trying to hit a man target at 15 yards the P365 SAS has more than enough accuracy to do the job. Bullseye Fiber-Tritium Night Sights works really well. Sitting flush in the slide, there is no front post and rear sights to align. There is a tube lite with tritium and fiber optic that when correctly aligned, lights up very bright.

The P365 SAS is designed to conceal, not spend hours at the sporting range. The 3-inch ported barrel won?t win you any sniper distance awards, but for an emergency gun at real-life distances, you?ll be able to get shots on target without any problem.

If you want a bigger gun the P365XL is there for you, or if you want the perfect pocket carry the P365 SAS is ready and the best choice.


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