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PWS MK112 small shadow
The debate on which is better AR-15 or AK-47 systematically and for a long time has no end. Supporters of Eugene Stoner project

Sig516 Ecos2
SIG 516 Patrol FDE ECOS with Trijicon Acog optics in desert sands was designed and prepared specially for our Warrior.

Legion Series is joining to the exclusive users group. These handguns were designed not to meet the expectations of Warrior

The quality of handguns of the Sig Sauer Company is known worldwide and Scorpion also represents the top-shelf in this

Sig Sauer MK25 is a special version of P226 model, designed and dedicated to special outstanding units of US Navy Seals

Sig Sauer X-Five Super Match this is what sports Warrior shooters waited for. The most famous, as well as by most of military

Reduced price of X-Five class handguns of the Sig Sauer Company was practically a miracle, but this company can afford it by releasing

CZ 75 Tactical Sport Orange with its appearance is supposed to differ from combat handguns, because

Barrett winieta4379 logo new
Barrett REC 7 Gen II is a new designed combat rifle. Barrett's vision was to achieve an impressive appearance use of the latest

Sig516fde logo
The latest model of the rifle of Sig Sauer Company is only available in the US market. It is in FDE color

SW winieta4385 logo 1024
Smith&Wesson MP9 Pro Series Core is advertised by Jerry Miculek. This is a very interesting solution

winieta-logo Desert Eagle
Most often used handgun by Hollywood among others in films: Commando, Universal Soldier, Predator

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